• Grab yer sword and fight the Horde!

    Welcome to the Knights of Loki Guild page - we are a PVP/PVE Guild on the realm of Lethon.

    Take a look around and check out what we are all about. Our Mission? Gear up, have fun, pwn face.

Nekked Bull Run, Taking off

Hey Guys: Sry I have not been on much of late. We have had a health sceare here @ home. I am happy to report “Bullshyte” has made level 60 and is flying around Azaroth and Outland. Please say hi if you happen to be horde side, or see me passing through (Please don’t hurt … Continue reading

4.3 Here at last

Hello Guildies. As you know 4.3 is here. After a Long wait, we get to take out Deatwing. Our Raiders will need your help. We will need Ore, Herbs, Vol’s (Earth, Air, Water, Life) Flask, Faberics for our Tailors ect. Nekked Bull Run Update: Nekked Bull Run was featured on the “Pow Wow” Podcast this … Continue reading

Guild Meeting notes

Hey all: just a quick rundown of last nights guild meeting. 1. Guild Chat: Please refrain from using foul language in Guild chat or in Trade chat. Guys if your in our guild, please don’t use this kind of language. it makes you and our guild look bad. 2. Raid Group: If you want in … Continue reading